Today, I want to share with you some of my hair secrets… Finally,  after years and years, I found some really great products for my hair!

Wavy and freezy hair? Yes I have it.

I really hate my hair sometimes, especially in summer when it’s hot and damp, because my hair become like straw;

if you have the same problem as me, check out and their products and you’ll find your hair paradise!

The best terapy for the same kind of hair as me is RE-BUILDING:

– B6: Eudermic Shampoo volume and frequent use

– N5: Essential mask

– R3: Volume re-building fluid

These below are some little steps to follow:

After having washing your hair with B6 eudermic shampoo, partially dry it and apply R3 fluid lock by lock from the root to the tips and massage well,

dry your hair, then leave on for 30 minutes and rinse and complete the treatment by using essential mask N5.

It’s really easy and the result at the end it’s incredible!

Another of my favourite treatment is the one with argan oils:

– B7 Eudermic Shampoo Brightness with pure oils

– 01  Replenish brightness oil 

You can buy HairMed system at 10% of discount using this code: REC10 on

Let me know how it goes with HAIRMED 😉



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