Hello from the lovely island of Menorca!

I’m writing you from a little paradise of Europe, I couldn’t never expect to see a place like this!

Crystal clear waters, lovely little coves and small white houses in the south and colorful in the north!

Here I found this lovely pair of sandals “Las Menorquinas”, the traditional shoes of Menorca;

they were the shoes worn by the rural inhabitants of the island

because they were strong and easily adaptable to the country fields.

Today there are abarcas menorquinas (sandals) of a great range of colours and designs, really lovely and cool!

This is my bling bling pair, but I saw so many different models and I think that I will buy another pair! 🙂

Besos from Menorca


  1. I was in Menorca in July!
    You must go to Cova D’En Xoroi (best for sunset) and to eat “Caldereta de langosta” (amazing lobster stew) in Fornells (I recommend a restaurant called Cafe del Nord).
    Enjoy the island!

  2. So you’re in my country 🙂 It is “albarcas menorquinas” in fact 😉 haha. And yes, sea water is beautiful here 🙂 where are you from?

  3. I love how they´re glittery and Menorca´s beautiful as long as you stay somewhat awayy from the tourist crowds. 😀

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