Simple is always the best way to be in every situation!

When you wear something simple, you will always feel at ease and you will need just some little details to make your outfit super vibrant!

My little details? Red lipstick (it always works) and white nail polish on my feet!

Enjoy this recipe, 

Bisous Bisous

My Burt is super great with his new tee from Cooperativa Pescatori Posillipo, we found this great brand and he couldn’t resist to buy several pieces!

We love the little chili on the shoulder!

You saw the older post? He was wearing a polo from this italian brand!

Ok, and what about his Birk? I love them! I want a pair too!!! 😛


  1. Hey girl, this is such a wonderful outfit! I love the semitransparent dress and how you paired it with the cool biker jacket! Great look, your lip color makes you look even more beautiful!

  2. You look amazing! The dress is so elegant and effortless, and then in combination with the leather jacket it looks just fantastic.

  3. Mon ideu ton blog est SUPERBE ! J’adore ton style et tes photographies sont magnifiques, tout comme toi ! ♥ Tu as tellement de chance de vivre en Italie ♥ En tout cas tu as une nouvelle fan et c’est moi ! 🙂

  4. i love black too, wear it all the time! your look in this post is a great example of how to wear black, mixing sheer with opaque and layering.

  5. So true and such a wonderful look!
    After all I think of all black as the best way to be in every situation as well 😉

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