I’m not sure of this new look, 

so I’m here to ask you what do you think about it !

Have a lovely sunday,

for me it would be a little bit busy and I will explain you everything on the next post!

Soon a new giveaway on my blog, are you curious? Stay tuned


Pictures by Alberto Amato


  1. I already made my statement about your new hairstyle but I can do it again :). I absolutely love it! You always looked so pretty, but now you look much more stylish. Don’t regret it. I know it’s difficult to get use to having bangs when you didn’t have them before. It takes time to adapt to them, but you’ll learn to love them. They always add that bit of spice to an outfit.

    In my opinion, it was an excellent choice! You look fantastic!

  2. I absoluetely love the leather west with the fur on it! Looks amazing! Is it from this collection? I can’t find it on the H&M page!

  3. I absolutely adore black for winter and love the way you put this outfit together with all the different black fabrics and textures. X

  4. stai molto bene con la frangia!! outfit perfetto Piera ;))) adoro il nero.
    Pie carissima oggi ho postato un articolo al quale mi sono molto molto impegnata..mi farebbe tanto piacere se passassi a dare un occhiata…ti mando un bacio

  5. Bellissima! L’abbinamento tra pelle e pelliccia, più la vernice lucida dei boots è fantastico!

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